Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blog Candy Happiness

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of some blog candy on Carolyn's blog, from Inka Stamps - a beautiful poinsettia image and a set of verses. The stamps arrived on Wednesday of this week, and I've finally had a little free time (in between the laundry and getting the holiday lights set up) to play.
I've been fighting a bad winter cold all week, so it took awhile for my creative mojo to resurface. The first card I made is based on the one that Carolyn posted on her blog (forgive the poor scan - my scanner does not do metallic stuff very well):

I managed a second card before my first load of laundry was done. Let me tell you, the gold cording on this one was a bugger! I've had that cording for some time, and now I remember why I don't use it very often - it's very tempermental (which, added to my being irritable from the cold, makes for a bad combination). But I persevered, and this card is the result (photographed because my scanner absolutely refuses to do beads):

Many thanks to Carolyn and Inka Stamps for their generosity. I'm hoping to have more time to play this afternoon.

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Carolyn said...

Fantastic job, Wendy. I'll forward your link to Inka. She will be pleased with what you have created.