Tuesday, August 12, 2008

back to binding

long-stitch journal

eeep - i made a journal! i've bound pages before, for journal inserts (into commercially made leather covers), but this is the first time i've done longstitch into a cover i made. i didn't have any leather (and wasn't patient enough to wait until i could buy some), so i used an old piece of fabu-leather that i bought many many years ago for a purse to make a faux leather cover.

note to self: fabu-leather has a shelf-life! i couldn't make the closure/wrap band out of it because the fake leather part disintegrated when i stretched it (i hate to think what a skirt made out of this stuff several years ago must look like now - yeeks!).

but i'm pretty proud of how this one turned out - i used a variety of papers for the pages, and added a braided waxed linen wrap (with a cool stamped wooden coin i got in a swap many years ago - my apologies to the artist because i don't remember who it's from). i just hope the damn cover lasts long enough!

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seth said...

Hi Postal Orphan! Please go to The Altered Page and look at my post dated August 10th. Then please email me. You won!!!