Saturday, August 23, 2008


well, i guess i'm not too surprised - there is definitely a shelf life for the leather part of the fabu-leather. my poor little journal didn't survive too many days of being toted around in my purse.

so i snuck out of work long enough to hit the local craft store last week, and bought a 12x12 piece of suede. cut the threads from the old journal, trimmed the suede down, and viola! - a new journal cover. a smidge less coverage on the wrap than the first one, but with the added benefit of that yummy suede smell. and i managed to re-bind the whole thing without tearing any of the pages! here are a few shots of the new and vastly improved cover:

should have just done the "suede from the craft store" thing from the start . . . ;-)

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sallyt said...

Gosh, Wendy, it was so good to hear from you. I decided to google you and see if you have a blog -- and WOWZA -- you do! Congrats. I'm so happy. Now I can check out what you're up to from time to time. Thanks for your comment on my blog.