Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So much for keeping up with my blog...

Life after Ike has been hectic, to say the least! We're still trying to get caught up after a week and a half of no school, and over 2 weeks of no work (no power at the office building!) - too much stuff crammed into too few days!

Of course, did I use that 2 weeks of downtime wisely? Not really - I spent some of it sorting (only a fraction of the stuff I should have sorted), some of it catching up on the ever-growing pile of magazines and books (of course, I also shopped for more books, so I don't think I made any real progress there), and napping. No major art projects, except for finishing my pages for a collaborative book project. Okay, so I did accomplish something at least!

And just when I think things are finally settling down, I realize that next week is Halloween and I haven't decorated at all, and more importantly Quilt Festival is next week, and I haven't planned out my shopping yet . . .

Speaking of shopping, if you're in the market for cool stuff, check out Retro Cafe Art Gallery. Wonderful service and fabulous stuff, including new frozen Charlotte dolls. And she's having a great giveaway on her blog, here:

Off to work on my plan for Festival - plot out which booths I have to hit (I already know that the Quilting Arts one is top of the list).

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